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Riviera Mobile Home Park Map

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Land Lease Rates

Lot numberMonthly price

All utilities are passed through based on Service Provider Rates: Natural Gas, Electricity, and Water are billed according to metered consumption Sewer service fee and Trash removal fee are based on a flat monthly rate

The Riviera Mobile Home Park is an all age community. One reasonable pet per home-site is permitted.
Occupancy is limited to a maximum of two persons per bedroom. Buyer must be approved by management and sign lease agreement prior to occupancy.

Learn more about the amenities Rivieria Mobile Home Park has to offer.

There have been six (6) closed sales in 2018
There were eight (8) closed sales in 2017
There were eight (8) closed sales in 2016
There were fifteen (15) closed sales during 2015

This information list was updated on 07/31/2018. This information is provided as a courtesy and no warranties for accuracy are stated or implied. Additional homes may be available, check for posted signs. Land lease payments are subject to change prior to lease signing.